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  • The Magnolia Killer

    Or should I say a "Joker". Ba dum tssss~

    But anyways, this little referance came from Beware The Batman Issue #2:

    Now look closely at the crowd:

               Do you see them? It's a man in a purple suit with an orange shirt, and Green Hair, as well as a woman wearing Red and Black. Now, I don't know about you, but to me this looks like a version of Joker and Harley Quinn.        Now, there are a few things that go against this theory:#

    1. That the creators stated that they didn't want another Joker Story.
    2. That "Joker" has normal skin
    3. That "Harley" has brown hair

    Well, all these can be explained

    1. There was Joker concept art, so he was originally intended to be in the show. Also, this is probably just a little Joke by the artist.
    2. Joker has normal(ish) skin …

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  • The Magnolia Killer

    Red Hood is the primary antagonist in Beware The Batman. He debuted in the episode: Tests.

    Biography Nothing is currently known about Red Hood's true identity or past. He appears to be a dark mirror image of Batman and looks upon the dark knight as his perfect foil and opponent in the game he is playing.Red Hood wishes nothing more than to cause chaos and destruction, as he views order and peace as boring and predictable. Apparently he has been searching for an adequate opponent for a very long time. He appears to be just as skilled in combat as Batman and nearly his match in mental prowess as well. Where he and the Bat differ is their policies on innocent casualties. Batman has sworn never to take a life, whereas Red Hood looks upon regula…

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  • The Magnolia Killer

    So, I was wondering: What would The Joker look like if he was in Beware The Batman, and how would he fit into the universe?

    Well, I found these concept art online of BWTB, and found two specific ones of certain intrest.

        These two concept sketches resemble a certain homicidal clown. Not supriseing, as the decision to use lesser known villains came latter on in production.

    Well, these reminded me of certain incarnations of the Joker.

    The Joker from NBTAS and Frank Millar's Dark Knight Returns. The later one would fit in very well with the dark mood of the show.

    It also reminded me of another Joker concept art I've seen online:

    This was drawn by singer and writer Gerard Way for a limited series in DC's Vertigo magazine that was never made known…

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  • The Magnolia Killer

    So, in the final issue of the Beware The Batman comics, it showed this street rat helping Alfred find Batman. WHile I'm not sure if it gave his name, it looks a whole lot like Jason Todd!!!

    So, as they said that they don't want to use Robin, this means we have two options: Red-X or The Red Hood!

    I can just imagine it. Jason Todd, after helping Alfred rescue Batman, wants Batman to train him. Well, Batman thinks it's too dnagerous, and Jason gets pissed. beliving he can do better than Batman, he becomes the gun-toting vigilante known as The Red Hood! And almost kills Anarky untill Batman stops him.

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  • The Magnolia Killer

    This is a villain I would love to see in the series. He is a classic villain, but is still obscure enough to work for this show's purposes. I belive he would fit in well with a serious toned batman show.

    I give crane red hair as a referance to the Batman: The Animated Series, in which he also had red hair. I gave him yellow eyes because yellow is the color of fear so yeah. I would see this character as a sadist who gets off on fear. The disign for his scarecrow costume I just stole off google images, being the only CGI scarecrow picture I could find. And it's cool as hell.

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