Probably Like This

So we know that Harvey got his scars in an explosion in this series. So I'm thinking that he'd look something like the Two-Face in Assault on Arkham/Arkham Knight. 

Why? Well, they're going for a darker batman, but still cartoony. This fits. Plus, it looks like the TDK version. Not to mentioned the Harvey side of this image looks like a whitewashed version of the Harvey in this show.

See, one of my biggest problems with Two-Face's scars in BTAS was that, despite the explosion that caused the scars, his hair turned white, and his face blue. If it was an explosion (which it was) the face should at least be red, and the hair should be either singed black or gone. 

So I'm gonna go with gone. And for harvey's suit? I'm going to go with an all-dark suit, like the one he's wearing in Dark Knight Returns.

See, the dual colored suit is suposed to represent good and evil, but Two-Face is generally in control, and is all-evil. Also, in this series, Harvey is evil in general, so let's have him look evil. He'l wear the dark suit.


The Dark Suit

So, why don't we make a shitty test-photoshop to see what he's look like.


I went with an animated image, because if I continue the series, it'll be in comic format.

Lovely, isn't it? So yeah. This is what Two-Face would probably have looked like in BWTB, and what he will look like if I ever make a "Beware The Batman: Season 2" webcomic (Which I will do once I can find somebody who can draw in the Teen Titans/Beware The Batman/BTAS art style).

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