Jack "The Joker" Napier
Age 19
Gender Male
Enemies Batman
Friends N/A
Job Mass Murderer, Inmate at Miskatonic.
Hometown Gotham City
You want to know why? I did it because I was bored.

Jack "The Joker" Napier is a deranged and nihilistic patient at the Miskatonic Psychiatric Hospital.


Jack Napier was a student at Armatage High School in Gotham City. One day, he put a deadly poison in the water supply of the water fountains, killing 5 students. He was quickly discovered in the matinence room of the school, laughing his ass off as the police apprehended him. When one of the police officers bittingly asked him if he "though he was some kinda' joker", Jack replied "Exactly".

During his time at Miskatonic, he almost entirely refused to respond to his real name, insisting that the doctors reffer to him as "Joker" instead.

During the Hugo Strange Incident, he was one of the patients Batman encountered during the mass breakout at Miskatonic. He was defeated and nearly apprehended, but was able to escape while Batman was fending off Strange's Monster Men.

He was one of the patients never recovered after the incident.


Joker has very pale skin, and dark sunken pale blue/grey eyes. His hair has been dyed green, and his lips painted black.

During the Miskatonic Breakout, he wore the standard all-white patient chlothing, along with a green peacoat, black fingerless gloves, and a Count Dracula mask that had been confiscated from one of the other patients.


Joker is a straw nihilist, beleiving all life to be meaningless and the world to be cruel and uncaring. He see's this as an excuse to laugh in the face of death, by litterally laughing at death. Acording to him, he attempted to murder all the other students at his school simply because he was bored, and he figured doing so would make him famous. 

He's also a bit of an attention whore, in the sense that he acts over-the-top and insane as his deranged version of a "stage personality". He see's himself a showman; an actor of the absurd in a theater of the macabre. He cares for nobody but himself, and in fact shows great disdain for the rest of humanity as a whole, hating people for simply being alive.


  • He is based on Gerard Way's concept art of the Joker, as well as the MCR song "Teenagers".
  • This version of the character can arguably be seen as a deconstruction. Joker here is an immature, misanthropic, nihilistic, amoral attention-whore who wants to become famous by killing people. Much like real-world school shooters. Basically, he has little to no redeeming qualities. Yet, like real-world school shooters, he inevitably gains a fan-base of disturbed fan-girls. Hence how he gets Harley Quinn by Season 2.
  • He is also partly inspired by 4chan's /b/ board. It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

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