It looks like this show will never be seen's over folks.... She's dead...

Well, can't say I'm surprised considering its ratings were abysmal (0.9-1.8%) and they failed to advertise it properly. Nope, all these greedy execs cared about was how many toys they could sell. Killing off a great show to replace it *cough* GL:TAS*cough* certainly didn't help win it over to fans either.

Series: "Hi, I'm cart! Have you seen my horse?"

If they learn anything from this, I hope that its they realize that some of us are tired of Batman cartoons and want something new. I would love to have a Flash cartoon or an actual Amethyst show...just sayin'

Still, if you want it back or want DC Nation to continue to have quality, I suggest you use these or share them on Twitter to give the execs an idea of our ire on thier stupidity.


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