Dr. Anatol Mykros
The doctor
Age 50s
Gender Male
Enemies Batman and Manhunter
Job Villain, Evil Scientist

Doctor Anatol Mykros is a villain in Beware The Batman. He is the leader of the group called The Council.


Anatol found  a wounded Manhunter and made robotic clones out of him to take over the world. After Kirk's escape, Mykros and the clones kidnap his daughter, Ava Kirk, in Gotham City. However, they are eventually stopped by Kirk, Batman, Katana, and a disguised Alfred Pennyworth.


  • Genius Mind



  • He is the only villain that never made a second appearance in the series.
  • This is his first animated appearance.
  • In the original comics, he got killed in the end but in this version, he just gets arrested.
  • Like in the original comics, he is the only member of The Council that appear.

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