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Age Unknown
Gender Male
Enemies Batman, Katana
Job Supervillain
Hometown Gotham City
It's a sort of random action that makes me a better player. You, the black king representing order, and I the white king-- well, I'm Anarky!

Anarky is a villain appearing in Beware The Batman. He debuted in the episode: Tests. In the episode, he assisted two thugs in vandalizing Gotham, while fighting against Batman. He is the one of the primary antagonists of the series. The others being  Professor Pyg and Magpie.


Nothing is currently known about Anarky's true identity or past. He appears to be a dark mirror image of Batman and looks upon the dark knight as his perfect foil and opponent in the game he is playing. Anarky, true to his name, believes that it is his duty to bring about absolute freedom to the world through complete anarchy and chaos as he views order and peace as boring and predictable. Apparently he has been searching for an adequate opponent for a very long time. He appears to be just as skilled in combat as Batman and nearly his match in mental prowess as well. Where he and the Bat differ is their policies on innocent casualties. Batman has sworn never to take a life, whereas Anarky looks upon regular people as mere pawns in his all encompassing game. He wears all white as he views himself as the White King like on a chess board with Batman as the corresponding Black King.


Anarky wears an completely white costume with a hood and cape. His utility belt is also white and has cylinders, much like the batbelt in past incarnations. His eyes are completely white like Batman's, but more widely open. His outfit bears the Anarchy symbol on the chest. He wears a utility belt similar to Batman which stores various weapons and items including flash-bang like bombs and an extendable baton.

Powers and Abilities 


  • Peak Human Conditioning 
  • Peak Human Strength
  • Peak Human Speed 
  • Peak Human Durability 
  • Peak Human Agility 
  • Peak Human Reflexes 
  • Peak Human Intelligence 
  • Peak Human Stamina 
  • Peak Human Flexibility 
  • Peak Human Longevity
  • Peak Human Sensory System
  • Peak Human Immune System
  • Indomitable Will
  • Unpredictability


  • Utility Belt 
  • Shotgun
  • Bomb Capsules


  • According to the Creators he will be the key role villain in the series
  • In the comics, there have been three versions of Anarky.  The first Anarky was created in 1989 as Lonnie Machin, a genius-level teenager and minor antagonist of Batman. A stand-in for the views of the author, Alan Grant, Lonnie was an anarchist who wished to improve the world by transforming society by overthrowing governments. The second Anarky was an even younger teenager, obsessed with war and combat, named Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong (formerly known as The General). In 2008, Fabian Niecieza wrote a storyline that involved the userpation of Lonnie Machin's role as Anarky and its theft by Armstrong. Injured in his fight with Ulysses, Lonnie is rescued by  Batman's sidekick, Tim Drake (Robin III) and the two become partners against Ulysses, with Lonnie striving to reclaim the mantle of Anarky. This storyline ended without conclusion in 2011 when the comic book it was part of, "Red Robin", was cancelled. The third version of Anarky is a rebooted version who's identity has not been revealed, and about whom little is known except that he is has been portrayed as an african-american teenagner.
  • He is the villain that is in complete opposition to Batman, from the color of their outfits to what they are fighting for.
  • While the comic book counterpart of Anarky was created with the alter-ego of Lonnie Machin, the Beware the Batman version has not had any revealed secret identity, and is known only by this codename.
  • Unlike in the comics, in this version of Anarky is an adult instead of a teenager.
  • The color of his outfit and face resembles the skin of the Joker.
  • He's wearing the outfit that is very different from the original comics.
  • He is a villain that has not yet revealed his true goals. He only said "Fight against order and unleash freedom with any price!"
  • He is kind of insane like Joker.
  • He has knowledge of the League of Assassins, even knowing who their real leader is.
  • He might have every knowledge about every supervillains in Gotham City. Because he's known about the League of Assassins.


  • "Oh I'm no hero, I'm a fan."
  • "Call me Anarky."
  • "Stop them from moving, instant detonation."
  • "These two will slow you down."
  • "Not such an obvious move is it."
  • "You have no idea what an honor it is to chosen my enemy, it's a really big deal!"
  • "Madness is the more interesting choice, logic and order are so predictable."
  • "Welcome Gotham City to the art of destruction."
  • "Despite his claims of freehangesee Batman is clearly duel of order."
  • "I on the other hand will fight against order and unleash freedom at any price."
  • "Are you okay Batman?.. I hope I didn't blow you up, I just wanted to make sure I have your full attention."


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